Giving a definition of oneself might seem the easiest thing in the world.


Loredana Gasparri

You start from the main role you’re covering at the moment (mother, professional of any kind), wear it as if it were a dress never to be taken off and show yourself to the world.

For a moment, I’ll do that, too, and I start from the latest role I’m covering.

I am a Bars Facilitator of Access Consciousness, and recently, also a Facilitator of a very fascinating energetic bodywork process, the Access Consciousness Energetic Facelift.

I’ll take two lines to describe what a Facilitator is and what is Access Consciousness.

A Facilitator is a person who, through energy tools such as targeted questions and processes on the body, is able to lead those addressing to her to rediscover and access their knowledge and their awareness. He or she is not a coach, she is not a guru, she is not a teacher, she is not a “problem solver”.

She (and her male correspondent facilitator, of course) does not offer solutions, does not put herself at the place of those who ask for a consultation, does not pretend to tell anyone how to live their lives or make their own choices.

Thanks to an energetic listening, she can identify the painful or blocked spots requiring more attention to make the customers aware of the change they want to get and achieve. The motto of Access Consciousness, a large container of pragmatic and flexible tools, is to empower people in their knowledge.

This is one of the things I can do for my customers: facilitating them to discover and re-access their knowledge, their originality.

I have always been interested in the world of energy, and I have come to it by different and various ways.

Through seventeen years of Buddhist practice, leading me to get in contact with the boundless inner world that we all possess and that almost all neglect, for the benefit of the external (material) one.

Through another passion of my life: reading and accumulating books. Novels of all kinds, essays, reflection, self-help and research texts have been the tools to acquire knowledge and also to draw other benefits, more practical ones.

The passion for books was linked tightly to that for studying, leading me to take a degree in Letters with a specialization in languages. I studied four of them, and I had the opportunity to exploit them profitably in various companies in which I worked, in heterogeneous fields: from quality control in the textile field to the mechanical automotive one, moving from publishing to translations and editing (I’m still an editor). I worked in a specialized publishing distribution, in marketing, in the new-born e-commerce field and staff training.

I went through so many realities, I gained skills, until the historical-economic moment “facilitated” me to see that I wanted to grow and create on my own.

And here I am, to put into practice my choice of Being, Knowing and Creating.

I never stop.