Access FaceLift: The Energetic Lifting without any surgery

In Access Consciousness we have an extremely interesting and nutritious body process: the Energetic Facelift, dedicated to relaxing and toning body tissues without the help of scalpels or injections of foreign or toxic substances. For me, this was an amazing discovery. I’ve always been attracted by the world of beauty, above all artistic, the beauty of the forms, of the light that caresses them and makes them live, the colours.

I used not to think much of cosmetic surgery. The cuts, the incisions, the insertion of foreign elements, however harmonized, inside the body, have never attracted me. I do not think I could easily give in to the charm of retouching. Especially after seeing what kind of touches up are circulating, and many make you regret the previous version.And then, why should I retouch something original, deforming it? Would not it be better to leave it as it is, or to improve it through other techniques, less invasive, less intrusive?
And here is the Access Energetic Facelift. When I heard about it for the first time, I decided immediately that I should learn more. The energy that can be used to relax wrinkles, smooth the skin and firm the tissues … it looks like magic.

So, as soon as I heard of a facilitator who wanted to offer the Facelift class, I offered to host her at my house, to be able to follow her with greater ease … a very strong experience. I came into contact with the energy of beauty, which is something extremely powerful, beyond any label, or any aesthetic canon. It is a very intense creative force that can be felt above all under nature. I saw her very well in a forest of tall trees and in full bloom. They made me understand what beauty meant, really.

For human beings, beauty is so much different, so different. Sometimes it’s a slavery, even. A ferocious deity, feeding upon themselves.

In Access Facelift, there is none of this. On the contrary, there is a lot of peace, a lot of creative force, a different breath. When I had the chance, I followed a particular 3-day class, dedicated to the energetic processes to be run on bodies, which allowed to become a Facilitator of Access Facelift. The day I saw and downloaded my degree, it was one of the most entertaining and joyful ones of my life.

Is it time to facilitate Facelift classes?

Below, Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness, gives a practical demonstration, in addition to some explanations, of how the Energy Facelift works.