Being You, Changing the World! The Smiling Invitation

By the hashtag #sceglidisplendere (#choosetoshine), accompanying me from last summer on, I came to this book… which is a non-book. If I try to close it into any definitions, or frames, it escapes. I can say easily what this is NOT. It is NOT a simple book. It is not (only) a self-learning or personal growth book, which are but labels, turning yellow and easy to be removed. Their glue went dry, definetly. It is NOT a novel. It is NOT an autobiographical book (well, not completely).

Ok, great, so… what IS IT?

Of course, it’s a book. That’s its exterior appearance, so easy to manage, open and read. That’s all it has in common with other books. As to all the rest, it’s alive. It’s living energy. Everything about this book is alive. Starting from its cover, where the beautiful face of the author stares at the world by his clear, shiny eyes. The words in the book are black motionless signs, standing out very clear out of the very vivid white pages. The author’s speeches are fluid and musical as if he were there in the same room talking live.

What is this book about?

About energy, life, world, awareness and questions. Millions of questions, rolling out one after the other. Questions which do not require any answers, as these would deprive them of their power and meaning, which is not to be understood by logical and linear mental processes. These questions have been created on purpose, to bypass the paws and the impatient and judging little eyes of the “monkey” bouncing here and there (our mind), in order to arrive directly to one of the most overlooked and powerful areas of our being, our knowledge. These questions are energetic rails, where they and more Access Consciousness tools travel, invisible and effective. Often, they work even against our will.

As we are talking about a book of questions (apparently), let’s go on with questions.

What is Access Consciousness? A synthetic definition would say it’s a set of very practical tools and techniques allowing to create real changements in ourselves in every field of life. This was created by Gary Douglas 25 years ago and expanded and co-created by Dr Dain Heer, the author of the book. For more information, visit this link

In the book, Dain Heer talks about and describes all the ways his life did deeply change and come out in its true and original colours, thanks to these tools. He’s not preaching as if he were on a pulpit, or giving lessons, full with scientific explanations, equations, practical experiments. This is no scientific essay.

He goes directly to himself, to everything he has inside him, his knowledge, spreading it by his powerful energy and by a fluid and direct speech, which is amazing and funny, as if we were having a chat with a clever, wise and smiling friend. He talks about his own life, the Access Consciousness tools he uses (clearing statements and questions) are explained by few words. You can sense the care he takes for the Reader, as if he were in front of him and not beyond a stack of pages.

I will not go further into the contents of this book, as I might risk to impoverish it and draining it of its deep meaning with secondary technical notions.

I do want to try to express the enormous amount of energy and care I felf, for the first time, coming towards me. Being You, Changing the World belongs to the very rare category of books which do not push away the Reader into another world, as the one he’s living in is bad. It does not try to hypnotize him to divert his attention, making him want to escape.

It takes the Reader’s head and makes it turn to look at those fields of himself and his life he never looked at before. It turns him upside down to show him more points of view and shows him he does not need to have them: no points of view on people or things does really matter. It reminds him the Reader has always, every second, the choice, any choice to make anything happen, and to do so he does not need anything more but… the whole of himself and his knowledge, which is often buried underneath layers of convictions, limitations, judgements, projections of any kind. It allows him to turn the enthusiasm of the book into something very real, as the Reader do want to do so, suddenly!

What if you discovered you are Harry Potter, without being or imitating Harry Potter?

It’s not an easy book, not at all. His style is funny, Dain is always leading the speech; what he says and how he says is revolutionary, out of any schemes and sometimes it gets… disturbing. Disturbing above all for the mind, as all the contents of the book is living energy talking directly to the energy of the Reader, and not to the “monkey” I mentioned before…

If you are not ready to listen to something deeply new, free, powerful and empowering, at the extent you want to start everything all over again as if you were newborn, please forget about this book. You might want to have some more information about Access Consciousness by attending some classes or some Facilitators, but this is no mandatory condition.

If you belong to that category of people who want to go beyond frontiers (any kind of them), do read it. Read it if you are not afraid of the void, the desert and the unknow lurking inside your life, even if you are told over and over this is not true. Read it, laugh with it, question it and put its energy into practice.

Then, come here to tell me what you perceived!