Create your willingness to be different!

On Saturday the 30th June, in Manerba del Garda, at the beautiful Hotel Florence, we spent a whole day in the name of creation.

Inside the class.

A wonderful day, in a beautiful and inspiring place, in the company of extraordinary people. A certified facilitator of Access Consciousness, Alice Gabrielli, and a facilitator Bars like me, Ivana Palmerini, with whom I have been working closely for some time (our Di Due Uno group, together with Agnese Giagnetich). Together, we have created our willingness to facilitate a day … different and creative, just to stay on the matter! 😀

Do we also want to talk about the creation of the new starting points for one’s own life? It may seem challenging, uncomfortable, maybe.

Not at all, as we talk about allowing ourselves to be facilitated during some brand new classes of Access Consciousness, aiming to bring out and dissolve the blocks within our creativity and our lives.

I am talking about Create!, which is based on the book by Simone Milasas, The Joy of Business, and How willing are you to be Different?, on Susanna Mittermaier’s book, Pragmatic Psychology.

As a matter of fact, it is about two intro classes, as they last a couple of hours each, introducing big matters that alone would require an uninterrupted week of meetings and facilities. And yet it would not be able to exhaust even half of themes like diversity and creativity … there are no limits. What limit do creativity and diversity have? If they are left free, what borders can we put on them? They express themselves, they ARE.

However, there is a special kind of limitation that we literally enjoy inflicting on these two particularities of Being, and it is the one beginning with the negative form: not being, not being too much, not being too much, not being too free, do not disturb, do not subvert, do not change too much …

And that’s how we become, in the end. A NOT. A DON’T.

And since we talk about NOT, if we say: and if it does not have to be so? If being oneself, with one’s own difference and one’s taste for creativity, was precisely what is required to add color, shape, fragrance, flavour and shade to the world?

Without limits or paradigms. Being OneSelf, simply.

And if this Being were the source of a creativity capable of generating and realizing things and projects that no one has ever thought and seen before?

Do you feel the lightness of these words? They are a good summary of what emerged during the day, spent in the company of people willing to follow this inviting lightness to be and make a contribution to their lives and the world. They have impressed on my life, and they have already begun to make a nice change. Saying yes to oneself (like Shonda Rhymes, who spent a whole year saying yes to her life) throws open doors, lowers barriers, lets in the new, restores the circulation of energy to its maximum.

Everything moves, expands, contracts even, and expands again and again.

And now we move towards new creations, and new classes …

Class Group.
The primary source of the classes.
During the class.
Alice Gabrielli