Interview with Matt Bochsler, Access Consciousness CF

I’ve being working with a lot of facilitators from all over the world, lately. Besides enjoying translating their classes, I enjoyed being in contact with some of the most extraordinary creatures walking on this planet.

It came up in my mind, one day, I wanted to introduce them in Italy and let them be known for whom they BE, beyond whom they offer as Access Consciousness classes facilitators.

Here comes Matt Bochsler, Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, whose classes I translated recently. He was so kind to let me interview him twice: in a video, as you can see below, and via audio… you can read here a transcription of this great conversation.

Who’s the Being called Matt Bochsler?
This is a fantastic question I’ve never even asked myself before.
The Being, or better, the Be-ing, the personal be that has nothing to do with anything around doing is… like there’s no point of view on this kindness, this invitation of the world, a steward, if you will. If you can imagine a steward on a boat: he is the guy who is always there, and he has a level of caring, of presence and tenderness so that he’s always aware of what everyone else doesn’t want to be aware of and he’s also aware of if someone wants to know they’re not being aware of something. So those energies I embody in my work it’s such a gifted to me through all the years because there is so many things I didn’t desire to know so that I can Keep My Chemical personality in place. And I say chemical personality indicating that person Matt Bochsler was supposed to be and he forgot he was something else because he fitted in this push and pull routine to fit in this reality. Fitting in this reality has pretty predictable results: it’s going to go good or it’s going to go bad. If you’re the one who wants to know who you be, the first question I’d ask is :would you like to know who you’re not that you’re enjoying being?
That vulnerability and allowance to be something else you’ve hardly decided you are is the invitation, the starting point to you being the you that may not fit into this reality but lives in the joy beyond this reality.

What is Access Consciousness energy to you?
That energy of Access Consciousness is where all the expensiveness of possibilities that doesn’t show up in this reality is available. It’s like… if you can imagine swimming in a pool for all your life and trying to fit in that pool and everything that pool is supposed to be and you know where the edges are, you know where the ladder is in order to get out and then imagine the energy of Access which is just got dropped into the middle of the ocean and I just slide it all the water molecules gracefully move out of the way to wrap your body to make space for your body to nurture your body be kind with your body. That is the best metaphore I can use. Now, when you’re out there, the second thing that really happens is that you start to become aware of all these points of view about you because now you’re alone… you’re totally disconnected from all those tiny pools of this reality, but is this really true?
The water molecules, the molecules in the air, the sea creatures are more present for you and with you than they’ve been before, and more available for you than they’ve been before. This energy is the same energy when you see a child smile for no good reason at all, that spaciousness of knowing that there’s no such thing as being alone and being connected to all things simultaneously is the energy they be, until they buy into those stories of pools, feelings and emotions.

What is about Access Consciousness that attracted you?
You know I came from the world of many little pools, so I was racing between one pool and the next hoping not to be present to the spaces in between the pools, the pools of expansiveness of joy and etc. I was in a sort of escape routine to get between one pool and the next… how present was I in between the pools? I was not at all. Because I had to put up all my barriers to put myself into a bubble to race to the right bubble for me.
What attracted to me was I was getting really tired of that and more importantly I was getting really depressed. As we all know from psychology depression is never yours, but how many people ever get to ask that question: is this mine? So I got to the point where I was asking is this my depression or someone else’s? And I didn’t use the actual tools at the time, because I did not have them I hadn’t quite been introduced to Access and so what happened was that I was like OK well this is something that doesn’t work for me and I’m really clear for and I didn’t have any other thing in view that I could choose. Everything else was the same you know, go from point a to point B thing and then hope there’s a point C thing and so I was ready to die, in short. With that total allowance to go and just die opened up how many doors because I had the door slammed shut to stay alive as I did that I just said ehi, Universe, I would like something different, I said show me a different purpose that works for me I don’t want to be here and take me out until 31st of December of 2009. And the next day everything started to shift I put my house on the market I sold 2 of my businesses and the attraction that access consciousness was in the original question was actually access consciousness been attracted to my question? Ok, this guy wants to get out of the box, out of the pool: this is a new possibility. So Access attracted to me, it pulled on me because of the energy of everything was possible that I was asking for, I did not want to be any more in the little pools of rightness or wrongness, so I ended up that night in an Access Consciousness introduction class and just got in the paper for the energy I was like that look there’s something and the next thing you know I was in the central class before the other people and by the end of that four class there was no trace of this depression that I had known to be true and real for the 40 years before that. And once I got how easy it was to step out of that I started recognising I want to be that for other people, so what attracted me was in access is actually the attraction that I am being for the world also and be just in the ask and receive space. I am not saying you have to wanna die before you do it, actually you don’t have to get there: you know there’s something else possible. And then you start asking questions, as these are the tools that are literally championed in your world by the willingness to ask a question.

Who is a facilitator, in your view?
A facilitator is someone who is willing to be more space, more joy, more ease than all the people around them. It’s not the same as holding space: I think a lot of people might need some clarifications. Holding space is where you create a pool, a bubble of possibility and you keep everything you do not want outside of it, and try to force everything you want into it. That’s not being a facilitator, that’s being something else. Being a facilitator is where there are no boundaries, no pools and it’s acknowledging moment by moment what is required in that moment to get the people to those places where they might get to see how awesome they are. how they are in a world that says you have to lead or follow. What if they could lead their life whether anyone followed and still be this joyful space.
Moreover, there’s never leaving me out of the equation of receiving something new when being a facilitator for others. It’s always a WIN WIN situation, not a WIN LOSE one.
How tired are you of the WIN-LOSE routine, what if everything was a win and you do not have to stick to anything for any longer than you desire and you can keep on moving through the space of ease, joy and possibilities.

What being a facilitator did change in your life?

The first thing that came up and that started changing my life is I just started to have some space to breathe. I did not even know I wasn’t breathing and being alive. I started becoming aware of all these separations, bubbles and walls that were between me and the rest of the world, so that I can try to breathe. I never allowed me to breathe and after that, there became a space of recognising of the definitions that I pretty much put up on myself for the agreed to accept people on myself because it was going to give me the right judgements. For instance being a man, the right way to be a man as it stated in many parts of the world. In my part of the world, it was to be rough and ready, tell wrongness from half to half and champion rightness: that was my Cradle of creation then my family and my parents created by no means were what they did no means was that wrong I just realised I changed my life when I recognized OK that’s cool, they’ve chosen what they’ve chosen, what would I like to choose, now? And then, my money started to expand, my willingness to engage with the world, with no opinion about whom I’d be engaging with, started to expand and relax and started to be a sense of kindness and playfulness and the excitedness of being a kid again. From there, I definitely wanted to do this with everyone and I realized the biggest change was I could contribute to others and this exponentialized the amount I was willing to receive, too. So what if being in these tools was a possibility for you to go beyond what you desire and have defined as the best life for you?

If you chose a keyword to acknowledge and let the energy of YOU appear,
what would that be?

I’d say enthusiasm. Ehi, that was easy. Easy is awaiting your choice.