It is always an emotion to launch a new website, a new blog. I have another one, dedicated to books, Del Furore Di Aver Libri, opened six years ago. Inspired by the world of books, publishing and writing.

When I became Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator, and I slowly went into this universe, I felt the need to talk about this unique experience in a dedicated space. I always liked reading and by the first Blog, I discovered that I like to write.

As a matter of fact, in the About me section, I write that, if I had to box myself inside a definition, I would choose the “reader” one, first of all. Notwithstanding with that, I quickly learnt definitions are the shortest and fastest way to limit oneself and cut out from other possibilities. Let’s drop definitions, and talk about spaces. I love the space of reading, therefore.

As I used to love reading so much, I used to buy and pile up a great deal of books, for years, more or less compulsively. I started at a young age, above all to get tons of knowledge, and also to escape from a reality that I felt heavy and not very stimulating.

Recently, I realized that reading could feed me much, much more. And it is not just a matter of content, since it seems clear that a book on spiritual growth does not have the same text as a compelling novel.

It’s a question of … filters, lenses, and deep listening. Each book is a container of energy, especially that of the author who wrote it. But, and this is part of the magic of the book itself, it is also a mirror container that manages to bring out answers, reflections and indications from those who read them. And from the same person, at different times, it manages to bring out something different and complete, every time. Not to mention what it might do to different people.

At the same time, I am developping my activity as Bars Facilitator, regarding energy, the one building up and livening up everything: us, the world, the objects. And that makes me discover new senses to perceive, new ears to listen and also … new eyes to look and read. Not only my beloved books, but also those written by other facilitators of Access Consciousness, which will appear here, from time to time.

Just as the events, sessions and classes of Access Consciousness they offer as Facilitators, and those to which I participate, to widen my skills and be an invitation to look and grasp the infinite possibilities of a rich and original life.

How to do that? How to be that? Follow me on the journey in which we met on this planet.