Portrait of a Woman

The title is banal, but that was suggested to me… by the environment. This question has been turning in my mind for several days: what is really a Woman? And I use the uppercase on purpose, because it represents a sort of great figure endowed with very broad character traits, which take on the appearance, the colours and the dimensions of all the women of the whole world.

Yesterday I stumbled on this quote: “The women who are really powerful do not explain why they want respect. They simply do not waste time with those who do not give it to them. “(Sherry Argov)

I started from recognizing this matter is very meaningful to me, and I agree with this message, totally.

First of all: what does it mean to be a really powerful woman? And what does it mean powerful? In what? And … above all, what does it mean to be a Woman?

And I focused on this, because it recalls and resounds with so many thougts rising.

We should all know what a Woman is, and also what a Man is. And there are answers, in abundance. None of these, however, satisfies me because it belongs to something that is rapidly becoming old, obsolete and restricted, with each passing day. These are days of awakening, whether we accept it or not, whether we are aware of it or not, and they are moments of transition to a completely new and cleaned up world. They are not New Age words. These are words coming from direct experience, from the heart that beats in another way, from the eyes that notice other details, from the ears that try to listen to other messages.

Out of the question (and not only that) What is really a Woman? four telecalls have risen, dedicated to the harmonization between male and female energy, (Di Due, Uno,)(Two making One, if I had to translate it) following the movements of the moon, together with Agnese Giagnetich, during which an interesting portrait came out. At first glance, the male adjective seems to have nothing to do with anything at all. In fact, it’s part of a Woman’s foundation, as well as a Man’s. They are energetic principles, not sexual roles, and if one is missing, life is missing.

Now I know what a Woman is, then?

Yes – No.

Yes. It is an immense fresco, a tapestry woven of millions of threads, some colourful, others darker than the night, but all of the elements of the diamond.

No. I have not finished yet to distinguish all the threads …

I could write twelve thousand posts, and not yet be able to exhaustively paint a true and complete portrait of a Woman. What is a Woman? What does it mean to be a woman? Let’s start with anatomy, psychology, behavior, etc. ? Where do I start telling about this woman?

I can try to paint this tapestry, using my beloved books and their special skills, to act as a mirror and bring out and recover those knowledge that we already have inside, and think we have to find out.

It is a complex work, it will take time, and it will take many paths. Some long, others short, others paved and smooth, others full of potholes and mud, not to mention rocks and various debris.

Let’s start taking a direction?

The one that opened before me is precisely the one that starts from Sherry Argov, and one of her best known books, Why Men Marry Bitches.

The matter “assholes and bitches” and its meaning, positive and negative, has already come out several times. We have learned that it is an insult, but if we overturn the point of view, it becomes, if not a praise, the indication of something positive for oneself.

Why is the Bitch in the book to be praised? Because it is a woman able to realize herself and CHOOSE. And the choice is a very important and very, very powerful keyword, when you use it and put it into practice. She is a woman who chooses the best for herself, and in relationships with the other sex does not allow herself to be confined to a single role, that of the princess to be awakened, or of the baby sitter who is too anxious to treat, please, devote herself without anything in return.

The Bitch, the protagonist, will sometimes seem aggressive to you. Maybe it will remind you of one of the four friends of Sex and The City. Think of the environment in which you live, which is usually very masculine, and face the “fight, or you will be overwhelmed”, rather typical of the American pragmatic mentality. It seems far from the welcoming woman, serene peacemaker, mother who nurtures and negotiates.

These are sides, manifestations of female energy, all of them. In addition to these light ones, there is one that is in the dark, the Dark Woman, the Wild Woman, which does not come out often, because it is not controllable. It is a force of Nature.

If you can filter its strength, bringing it to light slowly with awareness, never forgetting that it is necessary to unite, and no longer separate, the energies, then the result will be a Magnificent Woman. An integral one, getting into contact with all her energies and her strengths (including the masculine one, do not neglect it).

This is just the beginning of a stunning portrait …